7C Partners

Seven partners with a single, collective focus – to transform your marketing communications and help your business grow.

SURE Creative
Brand Activation & Creative

We are a strategic creative agency with a strong belief that marketing is not just about big data, analytics or even finding the big, compelling creative idea.

PURE Consultancy
Business Insights & Strategy

We’re a business growth consultancy that’s passionate about supporting and inspiring business owners and managers to make the decisions and the changes that lead to positive growth.

Delivering Solutions Through Digital Innovation

ImagePlus is an independent award-winning full-service agency specialising in Apps and website development, design, and marketing.

Public Relations & Content

Our public relations experts bring words to life, so we can tell powerful stories and narratives about your business that will inspire stakeholders, partners, investors, media and customers.

Hot Source Digital
Online Content & Analytics

We are digital experts, who use data and analytics to help our clients gain the best value from their online assets such as websites and social media pages.


44 Communications
Internal Communications

In a digital world, we’ll help you inspire and empower your employees so that they’re happier, healthier, more productive – and more likely to go the extra mile for their business.

Big Blue 8
Events & Experiences

Using the very latest technology and engagement techniques we take a sensory approach to create lasting event experiences that energise, enlighten and empower participants.

Delivering collective excellence for leading brands, nationwide and worldwide.