EDF Energy • 44 Communications

Agency Remit

  • Story sourcing 
  • Editorial
  • Design 
  • Print management
  • Content strategy 
  • Planning 
  • Stakeholder management

Project Outputs

  • A monthly tabloid newspaper

Project Impact

  • Won the regional and national Institute of Internal Communication (IoIC) award
  • 44 Communications voted the best offsite supplier


  • 6,000 team members

Client : EDF Energy, Hinkley Point C (HPC)
Project : The Point – a monthly tabloid newspaper

Everyone at Hinkley Point C (HPC) has a shared mission: to build a nuclear power station that will support the UK’s future energy needs. But, with a huge number of specialist workers from different contractors spread across the mammoth site, how could we create a sense of one team?

We created a monthly tabloid newspaper – The Point – for all 6,000 team members. The print format is easy to pick up and flick through in breaks on-site, using plain English, clean design, and strong photography and graphics to boost accessibility across language barriers. Most importantly, the content is consistently people-focused, growing understanding about the wider build and fostering pride in this incredible piece of engineering.

This monthly snapshot has provided a universal way to celebrate milestones, highlight collaboration, and build a sense of community among a disparate workforce. As well as story sourcing, editorial and design, we provide valuable support to the Internal Communications team on everything from print management and content strategy to planning and stakeholder management. The Point has won regional and national awards with the Institute of Internal Communication (IoIC). 44 Communications were voted as Best Off Site Supplier at Hinkley Point C (HPC) Excellence Awards 2018 for their work on The Point.

Build a sense of community

Celebrate Milestones

Winner of regional Institute of Internal Communication (IoIC) Awards

Winner of national Institute of Internal Communication (IoIC) Awards

44 voted Best Off Site Supplier