JLR • Apps Plus

Agency Remit

  • Business process analysis and design
  • UI Design
  • Web development
  • Mobile app development

Project Outputs

Mobile app:

  • 24/7 remote visibility of the compound
  • Comparable historic reporting on multiple compounds
  • Consistent ruling and efficiency with vehicle parking and priority of vehicles to leave the compound

Project Impact

  • Reduced business costs and efficient process
  • Reduced waiting and faster response time
  • Faster despatch time of vehicles


  • Multiple JLR Compounds
  • 20 active drivers per site, per shift

Client : JLR
Project : Compound Management Mobile App and Dashboard

Jaguar Land Rover produces around 1850 vehicles a day – and that’s just at its Solihull plant alone. Once produced, these cars are moved from the production site to the parking compound and then to designated bays before being shipped off to the final destinations. The vast number of vehicles produced – and the manyfold legs to each journey – create a huge workload for their team of twenty drivers. Hence, they need to work strategically, splitting their workload between three shifts to keep on top of it all – 24/7. 

Until recently, they’ve been using paper documentation to keep on track. But our new web-and-mobile app solution has made the process smoother and more accurate.The compound management app is intelligently designed for effective management of resources and activities. Drivers can simply scan the VIN number and the app will assign an available parking bay to them. The bay remains reserved until the car’s presence is registered. 

Our solution minimises the effort and time expended on manually noting the location of each car – which can leave plenty of room for human error. In turn, it also reduces the waiting time for drivers and transporters, maximising the efficiency of all players. Furthermore, managers are equipped with real-time visibility of all cars and a readily available overview of driver profiles and logs. This provides a reliable point of reference for managing their team and helps to allocate work evenly. At the same time, it also increases drivers’ accountability in the event of damage or accidents.

Reduced business costs and efficient process

1850 vehicles moved per day

Fewer vehicle moves inside the compound

Faster despatch time of vehicles

Planned loading of lanes synced with carrier arrival times

Reduced waiting and faster response time