L&Q • BigBlue8

Agency Remit

  • Research and set up
  • Experiential journey to explain new vision and strategy

Project Outputs

  • Creation of exhibition facility
  • Experiential event including 5 themed zones
  • Event app

Project Impact

  • Shift in colleague engagement from 30% to nearly 80%


  • UK colleagues

Client : L&Q
Project : Project 2020+

Founded 50 years ago, L&Q is a not-for-profit housing association and residential developer, committed to delivering 100,000 new homes by 2030. After a challenging period for the team, our brief was to re-engage with front-line housing officers and maintenance colleagues, so we could inspire them about the new company vision, values and future business plans.

Our approach was considered ambitious in the time available, not least because we decided to convert the empty 5th floor of the L&Q headquarters in Stratford, London, into a fully functioning presentation and exhibition facility.

Having laid the groundwork, we then created an interactive experience called Project 2020+. 

The concept was to connect personally with each colleague via a journey through five interactive zones featuring:

  • A ‘fantasy’ current-affairs programme set in 2030, highlighting the progress made in the intervening years towards addressing the nation’s housing crisis.
  • Interactive displays and infotainment pods showing the changing demographics of society and the type of housing needed for the future.
  • A live theatre session with ‘real-life’ scenes delivered by professional actors, which explored how the recently-introduced company values can help employees in everyday situations.
  • An exhibition run by L&Q colleagues focusing on ‘Our Customers’, which showed the exciting initiatives being undertaken as evidence of progress already made towards the L&Q vision.
  • An open forum called ‘Our Commitment’, where colleagues had a chance to express their opinions on what they’d experienced and the future for L&Q.

Project 2020+was attended by 560 people over 7 days. During the visits, a remarkable shift in colleague engagement was experienced towards the business and its direction, from around 30% on arrival to nearly 80% on departure.

Six weeks to convert the office space and create an experience

The content for five fully interactive zones created from scratch

Attended by over 2,000 people over seven days

Shift in colleague engagement from around 30% to nearly 80%