DHL Graduate Recruitment • SURE

Agency Remit

  • Creative Development
  • Digital Media
  • Illustration
  • Creative Copywriting
  • Production Services

Project Outputs

  • Website
  • Accessible touch points at graduate fairs

Project Impact

  • Over 2 years, 660% uplift in applications, and a 51% reduction in application and recruitment lead times.


  • 24 countries

Client : DHL
Project : Graduate recruitment

Maintaining market leadership takes continuous investment in great people. However, attracting a constant stream of high calibre graduates isn’t easy, even for DHL.

Focusing on the proposition of today’s graduates being tomorrow’s stars, SURE worked with DHL to create a wide range of possible executions including the chosen favourite – a ‘Blockbuster Movie’ theme. Together, we then worked alongside existing DHL graduates to develop a rich resource of emotive content that encouraged online and offline opportunities such as graduate fairs.

Our strategy of clear messaging, considered content and easily accessible touch points sustained a substantial uplift in applications, leading to the recruitment of high calibre candidates across the business. The integration of a dedicated recruitment portal provided benefits too, shortening processes from months to days, cutting costs and enhancing customer experience – in harmony with DHL’s brand promise.

The campaign won a prestigious TARGET jobs award, securing a further boost for the DHL brand against stiff blue-chip competition.

51% reduction in application and recruitment lead times.

Reduced business costs

Streamlined application process for candidates

660% uplift in applications

Winner Jobs Awards

Redefined the recruitment of new talent in the logistics sector